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"The flash drives are perfect and getting plenty of use. Thanks for all your help!
- Chrissie Pasquesi, Digital Ad Sales, MTV

"The jump drives were a smashing success!"
- Joelleen Brandt, University of Pittsburgh

"Our drives exceeded our expectations! CFgear’s kindness and quick response will definitely keep us coming back for more!"
- Suzann Taylor, Marketing Coordinator, TravelFocus

"Many thanks for helping us order and receive the flash drives. They were a big hit."
- Brett J. Libresco, IEG WORLD BANK

"We love them. They look great!"
- Michele Seaton, Assistant Director of Admissions, The University of South Dakota

"We think CF Gear has about the best customer service we've ever experienced!"
- Hannah Wachs, Director of Marketing, Alchemy Television Group

"Great product, quick shipping, and extremely helpful with everything. Thanks to you all."
- Heather DeSpain, Regis University


Date: 3/20/2014 1:17 PM PDT

After years of listening to our customers concern about tracking user tendencies and measuring real ROI with their marketing projects, CFgear headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is pleased to announce a breakthrough on both fronts. The CFgear WebKey is a USB technology marvel that allows users to economically utilize the largest storage medium available in the world today, the USB flash drive, while incorporating a powerful analytics software system supported by a state-of-the art statistical web platform. The CFgear WebKey will come alive and help you visualize how, where and why your USB webkey conversions are happening, giving you the power to take control of your promotional webkey campaigns and increase ROI for your clients. The CFgear WebKey software platform also captures virtually real-time user habits, click path, geographical location, and browsing history.

“We are extremely excited about our new WebKey analytical reporting platform and what it will mean for our customers.” Said Scott A. Van Egdom, President/CEO of CFgear. “For several years, we have been delivering our economical WebKeys around the world but without a reliable way to track real time data to allow our customers to track performance and ROI on their WebKey campaigns. The ability to add real time user interface data and reporting opens the WebKey to new markets in the medical, industrial, manufacturing and direct marketing fields that were otherwise a bit leery without a clean and precise way to see and track actual results of their spend.” added Van Egdom.

CFgear Webkeys are USB marvels in themselves. A CFgear WebKey is a device that can be like any other flash drives or custom made into almost anything, including postcards, flyers and more. When plugged in to any USB port the WebKey will auto populate the user to a specified web page, content page or full site. This allows our customers to fully control the initial use of the WebKey by the end user. Once that is done, the end user can peruse the page or site and now with the WebKey capable of analytical tracking, the project can be monitored and tracked with real data versus anticipated data and similarly, real cost against ROI cost. Simply put the CFgear WebKey opens doors to the digital age that until recently did not even exist for many! Product demo companies, online marketers, social media groups and so many more companies are benefitting from CFgear WebKey technology. What a great way to allow ONLY your preferred customers to sign up and visit an EXCLUSIVE web page dedicated to your NEW product, service or event. It is a simple and inexpensive way to not only reach exclusive groups, but also to track their preferences within your WebKey launch page! You can even program your URL’s link to be sequential, independent or unique as needed. 

Improve click-thru rates by as much 50% with the CFgear WebKey
Leverage print media and messaging with the USB flash drive portion, but also utilize embedded technology to deliver a 2 in 1 marketing message to your end users.
CFgear WebKeys typically cost less than half of a standard USB flash drive purchase.
Fully customized branding options abound with the CFgear WebKey

To learn more about the CFgear WebKey visit -

To learn more about all of the USB flash drive options at CFgear visit -

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Date: 3/12/2014 4:29 PM PDT

The custom USB CRYSTAL flash drives that we have shipped from CFgear/CFpromo in the last few weeks have simply been amazing! Luxury and technology converge and deliver stunning branding and quality. Organizations from The Wynn Hotel Group to custom photographers and everyone in between who has one loves theirs and those who don't have them want one!

With the ability to add a custom gold, brushed metal or wood cap, custom LED colors that highlight your logo anywhere and simply the best laser etching process inside the crystal USB (yes even President Obama!), it's no wonder 
CFgear/CFpromo remains the home of Custom Made Easy!

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Date: 3/11/2014 4:35 PM PDT

Have you ever been caught with no way to transfer your pictures/large video from your phone to clear space, print or organize in one easy application. How about backing up your phone pictures, music, and more. CFgear has been working on a custom USB flash drive solution to assist all Droid users worldwide and we are happy to share our progress on the yet unnamed device. How does this new CFgear device work? SIMPLY....

Connect the USB drive to the phone and the icon appears. The phone file manager will open and you can view the USB Storage folder. Use this free space to transfer pictures , music, video and other formats . Also copy the things you need to copy to the phone.

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Date: 3/11/2014 4:33 PM PDT

As hard as it is to explain the world of custom products and technology in 30 seconds or less, we've tried our best on the custom USB flash drive side today!!

Also in a recent interview with Global Sources Magazine it was called out that CFgear has shipped around 50 MILLION flash drives in the last 13 years!!! What an amazing statistic to highlight our customer centered focus on all products we produce and deliver around the globe. All while maintaining our humble family first company values and still from the frozen tundra of South Dakota where it all started!

To learn more

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Date: 3/11/2014 4:31 PM PDT

One of the unique things a company like CFgear can do is start to finish project management. Since we handle design, manufacturing, assembling, decoration, print, quality control, fulfillment, distribution and licensing....we have a unique ability to literally make a new style of an item like a USB flash drive to your specifications.

So was the case for Delta Medical Systems and the patent pending CFgear Click iT. Don't settle for the same old boring swivel USB flash drive when you can literally get a specialized model like the exclusive CFgear Click iT in the hands of your customers or potential clients!

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Date: 3/11/2014 4:28 PM PDT

With more than 200 customers in South Dakota alone, CFgear is proud to help so many local customers with their custom marketing and promotional activities. A few more custom projects heading out around the Rushmore State!

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Date: 3/4/2014 3:46 PM PST

GS (Global Sources): Scott, explain to our viewing audience in your own words as to what CFgear is all about.

Scott: As simple as I can put it, CFgear is family based business from the plains of South Dakota that is relentless in our pursuit of bringing newer and better custom technology products, platforms and services to our customers.

GS: How did CFgear begin?

Scott: I had over 25 years of experience with Gateway/Acer when I joined the organization and so we took our existing partnerships and technology experts, brought a few strategic players in house and began on our quest to bring top quality technology to the masses at the best possible price more than a decade ago.

GS: If a customer called you today and asked what CFgear does, what would be your answer.

Scott: The first thing that comes to my mind is one of those commercials where they talk really fast and give an overview of 100 items, but in reality that is exactly what we do. We have worked hard to become a full service technology marketing agency committed to delivering the very best for our more than 50,000 customers around the world! CFgear is family based operation headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with six additional office locations and seven manufacturing facilities spread across the globe. As a full service agency, we are involved in the entire order process from start to finish. We design, manufacture, assemble, decorate, print, do project and content management, quality control, fulfillment, distribution and licensing! Much has changed since 2003 and CFgear has made every effort to ensure our behind the scenes efforts keep our customers free and clear from some of the many pitfalls that today's international marketplace is littered with. Our ability to have a strong design presence and custom manufacturing capabilities allow CFgear to produce large volumes of fully customized technology products like USB flash Drives, Power Banks, Car Chargers and so much more. Our partner company CFpromo was established in 2011 to help our vibrant customer base with one stop shopping for all their needs, letting CFgear remain focused on technology advancements and ensuring our customers are in solid hands. WHEW!

GS: I know you mentioned you were one of the first companies to offer fully customized USB flash drives in the United States and to date you have done more than 50 million custom flash drives in the last decade. That is really a significant number.

Scott: Thanks. However we really don’t focus on numbers, we spend more time with our customers assessing present and future needs. As an outcome of this focus on the customer, we’ve been blessed to deliver a staggering amount of customer technology products and services. As one of the first companies to offer worldwide customized USB flash drives back in 2003, we have dramatically expanded our capabilities and manufacturing footprint to include full design and project management of USB hardware, software, and fulfillment. This includes extreme customization options like exact scale replica USB flash drives, encrypted software, security software and additional data services presented and packaged specifically for an event or retail shelf. We work with some of the largest brands in the Fortune 500 and the top brand agencies around. We also work with everyone in between, from our friends around the corner working for a local car dealership, to government agencies driving an broadband initiative to a rural state.

GS: I know you now have several divisions that have branched off from CFgear to assist customers in meeting their needs across a wider scope of products and services. Can you share some details?

Scott: Absolutely! Our licensing division and global brand power has been one of the biggest growth areas for CFgear and our partner companies like CFpromo and what helps set us apart from many other simple technology sales organizations. The ability to deliver true one stop shopping for our largest brand owners has set CFgear apart from anyone in the custom technology industry. Customers like Agilent Technologies, Walmart, Time Warner, Honda, Microsoft,
Exxon Mobil, Paul Mitchell, General Electric and more than 95% of the Fortune 500 trust CFgear and our partner companies to keep their branding and PR messaging fresh, engaging and educating to customers and clients every day. We truly listen to our customers and with the ability to be engaged from concept start to delivery, we are the trusted source for everything custom and have used the Custom Made Easy phrase our tagline for several years. If you are looking for a partner with the history, capabilities and proven execution with your brand and image, CFgear may be just what you need. Short delivery times, complex technical specifications and the best service on the planet, has allowed for us to earn the trust of so many fine organizations around the world, but we always have room for one more!

GS: Still a sales guy at heart Scott!! Thanks for your time today with our panel Scott.

Scott: Always been customer focused Marcel! The selling part comes easy after that! Thanks again for having me.

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Date: 3/4/2014 10:59 AM PST

CFgear has had a FAQ for years about Flash Drive Basics, Sales, Warranties, Quality Control, Disclaimers and Terms.

We recently updated this with a Why CFgear section. Check it out to learn more about CFgear as a full service technology agency, a little bit about our past and a lot about our future.

CFgear's growth, expansion and new endeavors are covered as well so read up and find out "Why CFgear?"

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