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"The flash drives are perfect and getting plenty of use. Thanks for all your help!
- Chrissie Pasquesi, Digital Ad Sales, MTV

"The jump drives were a smashing success!"
- Joelleen Brandt, University of Pittsburgh

"Our drives exceeded our expectations! CFgear’s kindness and quick response will definitely keep us coming back for more!"
- Suzann Taylor, Marketing Coordinator, TravelFocus

"Many thanks for helping us order and receive the flash drives. They were a big hit."
- Brett J. Libresco, IEG WORLD BANK

"We love them. They look great!"
- Michele Seaton, Assistant Director of Admissions, The University of South Dakota

"We think CF Gear has about the best customer service we've ever experienced!"
- Hannah Wachs, Director of Marketing, Alchemy Television Group

"Great product, quick shipping, and extremely helpful with everything. Thanks to you all."
- Heather DeSpain, Regis University


Date: 8/1/2015 5:45 AM UTC

CFgear partnership with the Ritz Carlton spans more than a decade! For years we've been helping create the sharpest apparel and the coolest technology gadgets and products for the Ritz Carlton organization and their customers. It's always a blast to take a basic idea or thought and end up creating a masterpiece from start to finish that is truly a one of a kind item for the Ritz Carlton. As we work on a half dozen other projects now enjoy a recent custom flash drive for the Grand Caymen location.

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Date: 8/1/2015 5:37 AM UTC

Another throw back image of a couple of super looking custom USB flash drives for Ferus and Metabo. We continue to design more custom shaped flash drives than anyone else in the world, from grinders to tools and ducks and trucks and everything in between. Custom flash drives are a fantastic way to engage existing and potential customers with an actual prototype of a new products or all of the catalog details, safety sheets and even videos on projects or how to properly use a new tool or scissor lift, etc. Learn more at

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Date: 7/30/2015 8:11 AM UTC

Today at CFgear it has been about Planes, Trains and Automobiles! Custom shaped USB flash drives in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes bringing back memories of that great movie! Here at CFgear there are so many ways to utilize the "coolness" of the delivery of your content with a custom shaped flash drive that 100% reflects your product or image. In addition paper is gone so as a content delivery vehicle for trade shows, association meetings, new catalogs and so much more. Learn how we can add glitz, glam and glow for your next content delivery need.

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Date: 7/25/2015 7:52 AM UTC

We certainly enjoy working with a company like Parker Hannifan who always have some of the most creative and unique requests. We've made dozens of custom shaped USB flash drives as well as even the most basic layouts on our swivel flash drives as well and even these key flash drives! We have about a dozen prototypes under construction as well. When you engineer the precision that Parker Hannifan is capable of, you know instantly they won't choose just anyone for their custom projects and we take a great amount of pride in each project!

Learn more about how we help create one of a kind masterpieces for Parker Hannifan and thousands of other companies at

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Date: 7/21/2015 4:18 PM UTC

Some days are just fun around here. This summer we have seen more customers than ever looking for unique ways to deliver content. As content becomes larger and larger the shear size of the data has blown past paper and DVD as options to distribute effectively. Our ability to load gigs of data in seconds, coupled with the ability to create catchy and unique concepts that make data more inspiring and visually pleasing, is why the CFgear custom shaped flash drive segment is growing by leaps and bounds. When you think content, and creating an enticing way for people to pay attention to your content, think CFgear!

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Date: 7/10/2015 7:52 AM UTC

Very cool custom flash drive prototype from CFgear for the Starfish Foundation. A great group doing very good things in our local communities and around the world.

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Date: 7/4/2015 4:28 PM UTC

What a great way to showcase the vehicle fleet for CobbFendley!

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Date: 7/4/2015 4:22 PM UTC

Super awesome prototype for one of our very own local customers at RMS. The ability to get the detailed precision on an item such as a roller grinder prototype means we can take care to the finest details on everything from your USB flash drive project to the finest details on apparel, advertising products and so much more, and ALWAYS with our best pricing on the planet guarantee!

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Date: 6/18/2015 6:41 AM UTC

Another ice cream specialty for our friends at Taylor Freezers. But this one makes our mouths water with the detail and precision of the cone and you can almost taste the delicious vanilla ice cream sitting on top. Nope sorry, just a perfect custom USB flash drive representation of the real deal!

Do you want wonder if this level of precision is available for your next project? Look no further.

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Date: 6/2/2015 6:27 AM UTC

Who are some recent customers who are having successful summer catalog updates, entertaining new product launches and super cool marketing meetings. Learn how you too can generate more visibility and interest in your next project at

Sioux Steel
Taylor Freezers

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