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"The flash drives are perfect and getting plenty of use. Thanks for all your help!
- Chrissie Pasquesi, Digital Ad Sales, MTV

"The jump drives were a smashing success!"
- Joelleen Brandt, University of Pittsburgh

"Our drives exceeded our expectations! CFgear’s kindness and quick response will definitely keep us coming back for more!"
- Suzann Taylor, Marketing Coordinator, TravelFocus

"Many thanks for helping us order and receive the flash drives. They were a big hit."
- Brett J. Libresco, IEG WORLD BANK

"We love them. They look great!"
- Michele Seaton, Assistant Director of Admissions, The University of South Dakota

"We think CF Gear has about the best customer service we've ever experienced!"
- Hannah Wachs, Director of Marketing, Alchemy Television Group

"Great product, quick shipping, and extremely helpful with everything. Thanks to you all."
- Heather DeSpain, Regis University


Date: 8/29/2014 10:03 PM PDT

Who doesn't love Yogurtland! Well we love them even more after tasting the best yogurt across the land and then being asked to turn that masterful concoction into the same luxurious taste in the form of a custom USB flash drive.

Since Strawberry is one of our favorite we started there and just whipped up a solution that everyone felt really got the point across about just how smooth and delicious it truly is! Now thousands fo customers will be able to read nutritional information and more without diving into cubicles littered with paper or none at all.

Thanks again and before summer ends treat yourself to some delicious Yougurtland products.

If you too want to show off your "deliciousness" to your customers and prospective customers, visit and learn how we turn your love into a custom flash drive that conveys that same love!

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Date: 8/27/2014 9:09 PM PDT

Living in the Midwest, we all get to see some very interesting things, one of which is miles and miles of rows of cornfields. We typically take that for granted as normal, until we get a visitor to our office who says they have never seen anything like it.

So here at CFgear, we take it even a step further and produce a fantastic representation of an ear of corn into a custom USB flash drive! There are so many uses for the drive, from ethanol education within the local schools, to many Corn Utilization Councils using these drives to promote additional human and animal uses of corn through loading white papers, studies and videos on several corn related fronts!...and we just thought it was a great time of year to have sweet corn!

Learn more about all of our custom technology and USB options

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Date: 8/22/2014 9:02 PM PDT

Uber continues to grow their business and business model and CFgear takes great pride in having a small part in helping enhance their branding image with some super slick custom wristband flash drives. Uber knows the value of the CFgear "SlapBand" and they put them to good use at marketing events and showcases around the world.

With more than 1000 different shapes and sizes of custom flash drive technology and more than 100,000 additional products and services through CFpromo, we ARE Custom Made Easy EVERY day!

Enjoy Uber! Congratulations!

Learn more about the largest supplier of custom technology in the USA and

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Date: 8/22/2014 8:54 PM PDT

For many years we have worked with the University of Mary to ensure the students have a great back to school experience. This year we are working on a version of a custom power bank which will allow everyone to ensure they always have power on the go and when they need it, even if they have no outlet or local power source! All with the BEST pricing on the planet guarantee from right here on the plains of the Midwest!

Add in a brilliant and vibrant U of M logo and you have one awesomely cool, yet extremely functional item to show off to all your friends or alumni! Oh, did we also add we INCLUDE the cable charger and all the adapters for your many devices, iPhone 4 and 5, Droid, Galaxy and mini USB at no additional cost!

Have a great year in Mary and thanks again from everyone at CFgear and CFpromo!

Learn more at:

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Date: 8/13/2014 9:28 AM PDT

It's that time of year when everyone is scrambling to get those back to school supplies and readying themselves for those early AM wake up calls! At the same time we are helping hundreds of schools and colleges ensure one item is checked off the list. Custom Back to School USB Flash Drives from CFgear!

This year we are seeing the 16GB versions being the hot commodity and that makes complete sense. With so many of our partner schools tied to 1-1 computing initiatives, students will be creating and storing lots of data and in many cases this drive can last all they way to college, so no need to delete files each year and start over. Simply create a new folder and save all your documents, music, files, reports and more!

If you are looking for the very best in Back to School Flash drives with the freshest technology, and lightning fast speeds, call, click or come in and learn why CFgear is the Home of the Custom Flash Drive!

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Date: 8/6/2014 8:56 PM PDT

If you want to make an impact with your sports clients or partnerships, do what Next Level Sports chose to do and deliver a world class wristband option that any sports enthusiast would envy. Then couple it with enough storage to hold two years worth of game film, contracts, marketing deals and so much more! A complete solution from CFgear!

With partnerships in place with nearly every major sports league and association such as MLS, MLB, NFL, PGA and LPGA Tours, it only makes sense to add the sports marketing arms to the mix as well!

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