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Bulk flash drives from CFgear are great for use in business,
education and non-profit organizations. 

One of the best ways to stretch your technology budget is to buy USB flash drives in bulk. Bulk flash drives from CFgear allow you a huge number of choices, when it comes to capacity, color, style, USB shell material and many more options. You might ask, "Will I be missing out on customization with bulk flash drives?". No, you lose nothing in customization. However, because your purchase was made with value in mind, we are able to deliver your project in special bulk shipping trays and with a bulk shipping rate. All the desired elements of a truly customized flash drive project, but with a fraction of the cost with bulk flash drives. Just how custom can your order be?

You can choose from:

  • More than 50 drive styles!
  • Endless color opportunities on nearly all 50 styles!
  • Even choose a custom shaped flash drive and still use bulk packaging to save on cost!
  • Capacity limitations? Not a chance! You can select from as small as a 128MB bulk flash drive all the way up to a 128GB behemoth!

CFgear is truly CUSTOM MADE EASY with great products at factory direct pricing! To learn more about our offerings take a look through our website, which was tailored specifically for our customers, including data preloading and creative packaging ideas. In addition, you'll find more information on how to use our drives to distribute your content, music, digital files, trade show or conference materials and so much more. Add the fact that we deliver faster than any other US supplier (some styles in as few as 24 hours), and deliver worldwide, and you'll quickly see why CFgear is the best and only choice for your USB flash drive needs. If that wasn't enough, we're proud that many models are created, designed, modeled, printed, etched, packaged and shipped right from our warehouse in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. With CFgear, you have a made in the USA masterpiece to feel good about!

Where Custom Meets BULK

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