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Accessories for USB Flash Drives

As wondrous as our custom flash drives are, you still want more, more, more, huh? Good. We like folks who pay attention to the details. It means you’re as passionate about creating the perfect custom flash drive project as we are. Here you’ll find the “little things" that make all the difference, and yes, in case you were wondering, we are equally finicky about the quality and value behind every last one of these customized touches.

Our drive accessories present a wealth of options for you to consider. We can create custom blister packages for your projects. These can be as simple as a plastic clamshell, but can include an insert to showcase your brand. We’re also happy to offer a number of different drive boxes. Our bambeautiful boxes are a great choice if you have a green initiative. Our Rin Tin Tin boxes give the drives an industrial look, and let’s not forget about the Perfect Little Package…need we say more?

Now that you’re good and snug in our boxes, you can take a look at our shipping options! We’re geared-up and ready to blind ship orders out for you, if needed, or to take extra-special care of your drives. We typically ship using UPS, so you know that your package will get there on time, every time.

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