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As the market leader is custom USB, it is only logical that CFgear would also lead the market in flash drive packaging options and we certainly do. From basic pouches to high end cardboard carry on portfolio cases, CFgear has all your USB packaging needs covered. With hundreds of custom USB options available, our drive packaging literally has thousands of options. From boxes to tins and bags to plastic CD cases converted to hold 1-5 flash drives, we can do it all. We can create custom blister packages for your projects if retail flash drives are your thing. These can be as simple as a plastic clamshell, but can include an insert to showcase your brand. We’re also happy to offer a number of different drive boxes. Our Bambeautiful boxes are a great choice if you have a green initiative or are looking for an amazing piece that can be etched. Our Rin Tin Thin boxes give USB drives an industrial metallic look and laser engrave to a beautiful shimmer, and let’s not forget about the Perfect Little Package with a see through top to clearly see your vibrant logo without the extra expense of another print location on the box itself, yet it will keep your flash drive securely protected from the elements. All of our flash drive packaging options are truly customizable and come with soft or solid foam inserts to protect your flash drive and all the contents included. We have so many custom boxes for flash drives and packaging options for USB that there is no way we could possibly list them all in one place so let us know what one of a kind option we can create for your next custom USB project.

Where Custom Meets BULK

Call Us: 800.371.1984

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2818 W. 12th St.
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