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Custom Flash Drive Portfolio

Classic Flash Drives from CFgear bring back images of old school custom flash drive technology mixed in with new age design precision across a wide spectrum of USB flash drive categories, colors, materials, shapes and sizes. For almost two decadesCFgear has been promoting the “technology frontier” of the custom USB flash drive and the many uses for flash drives. Many years ago they were used simply for a quick way to store a file or song, now our classic flash drive models do so many more things and most are available in custom USB 3.0 designs which will enhance them for years to come. Our CFgear Classic flash drive portfolio consists of flash drives made with all types of materials such as leather, metal, plastic and wood. As you peruse our Classic portfolio section, we wanted to provide a little insight into each type of drive you see, a few typical uses and the types of customers finding these USB drives useful today.

Capless Flash Drives – typically made of plastic or metal and usually purchased in massive quantities as bulk flash drives or wholesale flash drives. Bulk flash drives typically come as a CFgear swivel style or a petaltothemetal drive. We will typically add a full color imprint to the drive clip or laser etch a logo onto the drives. Bulk flash drives are very economical and usually consist of custom orders of 1000 pieces or more. Wholesale flash drives from CFgear are typically purchased blank and many times resold by smaller print shops to their customers. Our wholesale flash drive division typically sources orders of 10,000 pieces or more, keeps them in stock and ships them in quantities ranging from 25 to 25,000. So the main difference in our capless selection is whether you need a logo on your USB flash drives. If so, go with the bulk flash drives options. No logo needs, save a little more and choose our wholesale USB flash drive option. CFgear prides itself in being creative and on the cusp of new advancement and technology in the USB Flash Drive industry so just let us know what you are looking for and as a manufacturer, supplier and distributor of all custom flash drives, we are certain to have a solution that meets your needs.

Wooden Flash Drives – A timeless classic with elegance written all of them (literally!). CFgear has more than a dozen standard wood flash drives styles and types of wood to showcase your logo or brand. Most wood flash drives provide a deep, rich grain that allows nearly every wood USB drive to be unique and nearly one of a kind! Most CFgear wooden flash drives are customized with a specific engraving process that has won more than 25 awards worldwide. The best way to showcase deep, dark wood grain in flash drives is to ensure the depth of the laser is deep into the wood grain. However this typically shortens the life of your laser so very few companies are willing to sacrifice the shorter life for the vibrancy of true custom wood flash drives as we do at CFgear. Custom wood flash drives from CFgear are made with forested woods such as Bamboo, Mahogany, Maple, Pine, Walnut and more. In addition we can utilize a process similar to “staining” or washing your wood drives to literally deliver any desired color you may need. Laser engraving on wooden flash drives is permanent and with that perceived as a longer lasting value and certain uniqueness since very few look exactly the same. Hotel chains, photographers and green companies are all big customers of our custom wooden flash drives.

Leather Flash Drives – with the ability to hot stamp, emboss, deboss or imprint your custom leather flash drives from CFgear, our leather drives are such to create a ton of buzz when you use them for an event, promotion or activity. Most leather flash drives have the hot stamp visual applied to them which is old school Western look with what most considering a branding technique which is extremely durable and precise. Leather has a unique makeup to allow it to handle a hot emboss without melting like a typical plastic drive with, while still providing elegance and old West feel. One of the best things about CFgear Leather drives is the fact that they are capless and involve very few part to lose on the exterior. We try to ensure our leather models are simple and one piece.

Take a look at the many options we’ve created for customers below and let us know how we can help you create your next masterpiece!

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