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Flash Drive Customization and Data Services

External Customization

CFgear’s professionals will collaborate closely with your organization to ensure that every detail of your custom USB flash drive project is aimed at helping you achieve the most economical and engaging solution for your objectives.

Starting with the outside of the drive, CFgear will work with you to ensure precise color specifications are met. We will want Pantone™ codes for your logo colors to ensure an EXACT match of any color related imprints or even the external drive housing. Should you need support in refining your company's logo or brand, an award-winning marketing team is available for your use.


Logo Imprinting

We offer my types of logo imprinting, from Silk Screen, Pad and Dome to Laser Etching, Embossing and more.

What are acceptable formats? If you're not sure...Read This! The Skinny on “True” Vector Art – this will take a few minutes, but time spent helping NOW means more time to spend creating a truly one-of-a-kind project later!


Laser Etching for Custom Flash Drives

One of the most astounding and most durable approaches to bringing customized bulk flash drives to life is by way of laser etching. While the actual etching process is powered by one of the industry’s most highly advanced machines, the true art exists in the techniques employed by our laser etching experts.
Indeed a labor of love, each drive is artfully etched to respect both the integrity of your brand as well as the material comprising the bulk flash drive casing. It’s a modern example of craftsmanship and one that we enjoy delivering to our clients time and time again.
Bulk flash drives consisting of wood, leather, and metallic properties offer the richest environment for our TruEtch™.

Full Color Digital Imprinting

Every day, organizations look to us to add color to their promotional and custom flash drive projects. That’s because we understand the value behind every last detail when it comes to accurately replicating your brand. In fact, the leadership team consists of an award-winning brand communications expert. So you can trust that every aspect of logo coloration & detail will be scrutinized prior to the production of your custom flash drive project.

PMS Color Matching

This Pantone chart can be helpful in choosing your colors. Please note that these colors reflect settings and adjustments from your computer and graphics card and may not be accurate to the actual printing. For true color accuracy, please refer to a printed copy of the Pantone chart.


Preload and Data Services

Over the years, CFgear has delivered hundreds of thousands of outstanding custom flash drives, and while they no doubt continue to command attention, we believe customization of the exterior is only a small portion of the total project.  That's why we align with pioneers in the software programming and graphic design fields.  With one of the most robust custom preloading teams on the planet, CFgear gives you the ability to dream big when designing your project from a simple data load to a fully integrated preload interface, we can deliver bulk flash drives.

Keep connected with a CFgear logicdrive™

CFgear logicdrives™ take the versatile USB flash drive to the next level by incorporating software that allows companies manage files on the USB after they have distributed them.

A logicdrive™ enables companies to maintain the most current forms, presentations, and sales materials in the hands of their customer employees through our automated document management system. Using this, each time a logicdrive™ is used, it automatically checks and installs the most current materials so employees have the proper tools to do their job, and customers have the most current information of products and services offered.

Plus, with a CFgear logicdrive™, a company can create their own custom look of the user interface that can be updated with news, upcoming conferences, research reports, links to training videos, and almost any type of content imaginable.

The Powertie™ Interface

The next level up from the NoFrills is our ever popular PowerTie™. Aptly named, this interface is all dressed and ready to impress. Up to six navigational buttons along with the background image are customizable.

USB Flash Drive Duplication

Our flash drive preloading capabilities are robust and affordable. We can preload most any digital file text, audio, video, PowerPoint, photos… anything is possible. Depending on the volumes, we offer a non-erasable option to prevent the recipient of your preload flash drive from deleting the content.  Contact us to learn more about our basic preload services or view our more advanced preload interface options.

The NoFrills™ Interface

Starting with the most basic interface, our NoFrills™ solution gives you the freedom to build your brand
into an interface along with up to four customizable (by title/name) navigation buttons.


Non-Erasable Content

Use CFgear to “lock” your content by making your data non-erasable. When your USB flash drive is plugged in, your PC or other device will treat this section of your Flash Drive storage space as if it were a CD that cannot be deleted or overwritten. This CFgear solution is often utilized by the medical industry, insurance companies, government agencies, and trade show events to ensure data cannot be compromised.


Custom Icon Creation

Is a very useful tool, especially for marketing or customer engagement with your USB device. By creating your own custom icon, you can replace the default icon (typically seen as E: drive) and give your custom CFgear USB flash drive project even more marketing clout. This solution is often used by our Fortune 500 clients for branding purposes and trade show or media distributors.


Password Encryption

CFgear offers a very deep level of security on our USB devices: password encryption. Encryption prevents data leakage from theft or loss of any USB flash drive. By requiring a password to password protect all media or content, CFgear creates encrypted disk drives within which all sensitive information can be stored. This allows you or your customer to protect your files or folders against unauthorized access by encrypting your confidential data stored on external drives or removable drives. Any kind of data can be stored into this CFgear encrypted drive, rendering it totally inaccessible by anyone but you. Thus, even if your USB drive or external drive is stolen or lost, no one can access your data.

Where Custom Meets BULK

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