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Logo Imprinting: Vector Artwork

Acceptable Formats

How about an artwork file lesson: In general, graphic art files can be separated into two main categories – vector art and raster art. We need VECTOR ART!

A bit more specific: Most images floating around the internet are what we call Raster Art. They have the following file extensions: .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png, .psd, and others. The problem with these files is that our design department can’t manipulate (alter the image sizes) the file without the image losing quality. When you zoom in on a Raster Art file, the image pixelates. And pixelation is a dirty word around here. That means a less than perfect imprint or laser etch quality and we don’t stand for anything less than perfect!

So what can ya do to help the cause? In a word?…give us a “true” Vector Art file. These files most often come from the low-lit offices of your design staff. They must be created in software programs like Adobe Illustrator, CAD, Photoshop, Corel Draw. Common and required file extensions are .eps, .ai, PDF etc. The end result is no pixelation…a sharp image.

Even more important for design novices DO NOT use a design software to save a .jpg, .gif. or any other “untrue” Vector Art file as a .eps, .ai. Doing this will only waste your time. If need be, our helpful design staff can help create a true Vector Art file for a nominal fee.

Lastly, if you have doubts, concerns or questions, please talk to your Solutions Director. We’re happy to help, so don't be afraid to reach out to us at 800.371.1984

Customization Options

Silk Screen Imprint

A screen of porous material is used as a stencil for ink which is deposited onto our drives as a hard edged logo.

Pad Imprint

Small silicon pads are used to pick up small amounts of ink one layer at a time. The ink is then pressed into the item by the pad, which molds to the item's surface area. While not as exact as our silk screen printing, it is an excellent option for oddly shaped items.

Dome Imprint

Our Dome Imprinting process utilizes a full-color process logo covered with an acrylic dome, giving us a very durable, full-color logo option which is available on the Magnifico C&S as well as our Swivel model!

Laser Etching

Laser Etching is a computer aided process which uses a laser beam (rather than a primarily mechanical head or tool) to etch onto our metal drives.

Black Jack Etching

Black Jack Etching takes our laser etching to the next level! We use our laser and a special blend of chemicals to produce a black colored etch on any of our silver colored metal drives.


Our leather drives are perfect for embossing! Your logo can be permanently stamped onto any of our three leather models giving them a classy touch that any big-wig would enjoy.


If none of the other customization options are quite your style, we can always use the tried and true Engraver to trace the outline of a logo or add a personal touch to any of the metal drives in the CFgear arsenal.

Where Custom Meets BULK

Call Us: 800.371.1984

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